Monday, April 27, 2015

Crafting a Model Website

The modeling industry is one of the more glamorous yet competitive in the world. In many respects, all it takes is a well-toned body and face, confidence, and the flexibility to make striking poses as the shoot demands it. However, getting your foot in the door requires assembling a portfolio to win over casting people at first glance, and in an online world, that means establishing your presence online. Consult with a Fort Wayne website design strategist to show you how you can prep up your site to impress people who do the hiring in the business.
Pictures that tell their own stories help market a model to agents and casting directors. Still, while you need quality pictures to make an impression, they must be of sufficient resolution to enable website pages to load within three seconds. Any slower, and the visitor – particularly a talent scout – may pass you over. Choose only the best pictures to be uploaded and your photographer can help with the selection.

Monday, April 13, 2015

When Retailers Need the SEO Advantage

Any business or retail store wants to be of good standing in its own community. Regardless of the products or services they sell or promote, it would count for nothing if no potential customer could find them on the Internet. When you think your business would need a visibility boost online, consult with a Fort Wayne online advertising and internet marketing firm to help raise your search engine results pages ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO) methods are often used in this manner, through some tested methods:
Keyword Assembly
Keywords are the prime elements in SEO–centered marketing. You need to focus on a small core of keywords that normally do not rank much when you look them up in a search engine. If you use the more commonly used keywords as part of the strategy, your website will have to compete with other sites using the same keywords, and if you’re not achieving a high perch on the search engine pages yet, you might be wasting your money just trying to crack your competitors’ rankings.