Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why You Should Care About Local Buzz SEO

Local search results are growing into the pinnacle of finding businesses within any given area. For example, more people are turning to search engines on their smartphones to find restaurants in Fort Wayne. Instead of sifting through various entries in the phone book, search results can have your establishment ahead of your competition by being the first in line when someone looks for your products or services. You don't have to start your company with the letter “A” any more in order to be on top of the results.

High Returns

Instead of merely looking at local marketing as a way to increase sales, realize that there is more to it that contributes to the overall investment. Returns can be measured through a series of metrics, ranging from the visitor traffic to the website to the social engagement online. By putting effort into developing the local buzz for your company, all of these aspects can be analyzed. This has potential to demonstrate an even higher return on the investment of SEO practices. The investment goes beyond simple traffic generation for your website as social media can adjust your reputation as well. It's more than being listed in search engines in relation to Fort Wayne, as local buzz can incorporate many different facets of your online persona.

Surpassing the Competition

Depending on the kind of business you operate, the competition could be great. Investing in local buzz attributes can help you meet the demands of the community while surpassing that competition. People can't spend money with your company unless they know it exists, and local SEO practices can help to make sure that your business remains relevant among your peers.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What Fuels Your Website Traffic in 2016?

As technologies change and develop, the Internet adapts to new forms of access and capabilities. Before the development of smart-enabled devices and popularized social media hubs, traffic to websites relied on search engine optimization. In today's world, there are many facets that can play just as prominent a role in developing your website.


The content of your website will always be an important aspect of how much traffic you generate. The practices of SEO experts can help find the most ideal combinations of keywords and phrases that will score well in search rankings. Since most engines nowadays focus on local results first, even a small business in Fort Wayne can show within the top 10 of specific searches with the right material.

Mobile Accessibility

As mobile devices surpass desktop systems for Internet access, your pages need to be responsive to different screen resolutions. Without the capability to view your site on a five-inch smartphone, you could lose business, both local and abroad. People looking for your services in Fort Wayne may be unable to view your company's information if the website isn't responsive.

Social Engagement

Social media plays a larger role in generating traffic than what some people may believe. Spending time developing a social presence not only gives people a link to click on to visit your site, but it can help increase your reputation and corporate branding by being highly visible within the community.

Optimization goes beyond how well a search engine can scan your pages in today's technologically-driven world. It involves a great deal of knowledge as well as an ability to develop strategies that best fit each innovative development on the Internet.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Less is Still More: The Lasting Appeal of Minimalism in Web Design

The concept of minimalism isn’t exactly a new one, as it has been introduced back in the early 1900s by print designer Lucian Bernhard. Since then, minimalism as a technique and an artistic style has lasted throughout the next decades, enduring through time and gradually finding its way to web design. The past few years saw a rise in the number of websites utilizing a minimalist approach in their web design, and these layouts are quickly establishing themselves as the preferred design trend not only among web pages but also among mobile operating systems. There’s a lot more to having a minimalist or flat design, however, than simply presenting a simple web design.