Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why Switch to a Mobile Responsive Website Design?

Customers are impatient by nature. They expect to have what they want the soonest time possible. You always have to adjust because your sales figures are at their mercy. Nowadays, a lot of customers opt to transact online through company websites, and the gadget they find most convenient to use is their mobile phone.

Now, assuming your business specializes in fresh-from-the-oven pizza. Customers see your ad somewhere and have decided to order through your website. Poor quality images, slow loading pages, and illegible content are sure to discourage them in pursuing the transaction. They are also less likely to return especially if your business is not well-known yet.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Practical Product Advertising Strategy

Advertising is a key element in the success of a business. Your products must be presented well to encourage your market to buy them. Your customers’ actual experience with your products or services compared to your advertisements could then determine whether they will want to buy again. This cycle continues until you gain more and more loyal customers.

However, effective advertising is easier said than done. In many cases, you will have no idea about what people actually think. The trends may give you a clue but they are not always accurate indicators. One of the keys to successful advertising is customization. This sounds a little contrary to some of the major principles of advertising but it actually works.