Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why Switch to a Mobile Responsive Website Design?

Customers are impatient by nature. They expect to have what they want the soonest time possible. You always have to adjust because your sales figures are at their mercy. Nowadays, a lot of customers opt to transact online through company websites, and the gadget they find most convenient to use is their mobile phone.

Now, assuming your business specializes in fresh-from-the-oven pizza. Customers see your ad somewhere and have decided to order through your website. Poor quality images, slow loading pages, and illegible content are sure to discourage them in pursuing the transaction. They are also less likely to return especially if your business is not well-known yet.

Not only that. The time your customer spends browsing through your website also affects your bounce back rate. The lesser the time, the higher the bounce back rate goes. This can lower your ranking on organic search results by decreasing your relevance. Relevance means your website contains the information needed, and a low score equates to decreased online visibility.

Brands leave a positive impression if their website offers highly optimal mobile search experience, according to 61% of internet users. Investing on mobile responsive website design that re-displays, re-sizes and restructures its layouts flexibly but still maintains its legibility and overall attractiveness can result to a substantial increase in sales. It also saves you dollars from creating extra versions for each type of gadget.


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