Thursday, March 5, 2015

Helping Your Toy Images Rank Better

An online niche toy store has to win over customers by pitching the quality of its products through the images. Prospective toy buyers would naturally insist on seeing pictures of the items they may potentially buy. Even if you’re a reseller of rare toy lines, you might lose a potential customer base if you ignore their need for visual confirmation of what you offer. Here’s how your toys for sale can rank better in search results.

What’s in a Name?

In SEO, it’s important for your toy images to have names with keywords so they would appear in an image search. When a search engine probes a product page, it will consider the filename of the item. Instead of using an image filename generated by the digital camera, rename the file to include specific descriptions based on users’ common search phrases, and fill out the alt tags to include model name and number.

Size Matters

When an uploaded picture takes too long to appear, search engines are wont to notice, and your webpage’s online ranking could take a dive because of this. Reduce your image file’s size (not just the source code) so it would upload faster. The goal is for the picture to show up in less than a second, and for the entire page to come up in around three seconds.

Caption This!

Captions are critical to an uploaded image. Captions must contain essential points about the image and should have descriptions that attract potential buyers.


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