Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Viral Marketing and User Generated Content

Having an internet connection is like having the whole world within fingertips' reach. With all the information and entertainment that the World Wide Web has to offer, it only makes perfect sense to suppose that the Web could be the global world itself.

As business companies have created their own office in certain locations, the same companies, along with start up ones, inevitably create their own presence online. Setting up a business site online will make it easier for consumers to find you when they need your product or services. The trick is to know how to make your presence known. That's when internet marketing strategies come in.

One strategy that a lot of companies, or even celebrities, utilize is by creating their own social media accounts. Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube have given their customers a chance to contribute to what the company represents through User Generated Content.

Since many of these websites are focused on sharing thoughts or opinions, content is now generated by the user and clients or customers of the company. Things like sharing videos on the page, commenting, giving a “Like” or a “thumbs up” is how companies enable their customers to have an active and personal relationship with the company.

Hopefully, the marketing strategy that companies choose to put on their online sites are interesting enough to turn viral so that these sites themselves automatically generate their own audience, and expand the company's reach farther beyond. 


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