Monday, June 1, 2015

Content-Based Fort Wayne Web Design Makes for User-Friendly Websites

When the Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote On the Extremes of Good and Evil around 45 B.C., he never thought an excerpt would be frequently quoted almost 2,000 years later. While it may sound distinctly Latin, lorem ipsum is simply gibberish (save for a few words like “consectetur”). This so-called filler text has been used by graphic designers to see how would-be content would look like in the final product. Web design is no exception; every use of the lorem ipsum may as well be recognizing Cicero’s contribution to graphic design. In today’s content-driven marketing and advertising materials, fake text is still useful. However, designers, printers, and anyone behind any marketing or advertising lay-out must ensure that it is never part of the final product. When the final product rolls out and someone forgets to get rid of the filler text, it makes for some really embarrassing situations.


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